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APA-supplied Resources [top]

Reliable Sources for Adapting APA Style to Student Papers [top]

Legal Citation Resources [top]

Free Citation Makers [top]
Citation makers can help you collect all of the information you need for your reference list, and many have built-in hints to help you remember rules like Capitalize only the first word of the title and subtitle along with any proper nouns. However, none are perfect. You should always check the results against the Publication Manual.

  • Bedford Bibliographer (has built-in hints; can save and export references and notes; free registration required)
  • Cittation Machine (has built-in hints; does reference and in-text citations)
  • CiteFast
  • EasyBib (three-day free trial; subscription)
  • EBSCO (access through Cowles Library or your public library; select APA-style citation when you print or email articles)
  • NoodleBib Express (does legal citations; free and subscription versions)

When using a citation maker:

  1. Launch the citation maker.
  2. Choose your documentation style (APA).
  3. Choose the type of source. Hint: You may need to explore links like More or figure out that Web-based Media means “video.”
  4. Fill in the blanks with as much information as you have.
  5. Note formatting hints (e.g., first initial only for author’s first name.)
  6. If information is missing, check links like About Us to see
    if you can unearth any buried nuggets. If you look for and can’t find information to put in a blank, leave it empty.
  7. Click the button that creates the citation.
  8. Double-check the result against the Publication Manual.
  9. Make any needed corrections and copy the citation into your document or copy, paste, and correct in your document.

Books on Academic Writing [top]
If you search for terms like "integrating quotations" or "book review," you'll find many handouts from college writing labs. These books provide solid, in-depth advice.


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