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Resources for Writing Teachers

Collections of Resources

Faculty Resources from University of Delaware
Lots of practical stuff on managing the paper load, encouraging revision, preventing plagiarism....

Teaching Guides from Colorado State
This Colorado material on teaching writing is a treasure trove.

Online Resources at Virginia Tech
Includes material on minimal marking and promoting ethical writing.

Readings for Grammar for Teachers
Includes Haswell's minimal marking article

English Language Arts Resources
A collection of free and low-cost resources from ABCTE
ERIC Digests
Summaries of educational research on various topics
Educational Development Centres
Links to university sites devoted to teaching and learning, and the scholarship of teaching

The TIP Databases
The Theory into Practice Database provides quick overviews of theories of learning and instruction.

Online Resources
Faculty Development Associates presents a selective list of resources on topics from concept mapping to test anxiety.

POD-Idea Resources
From the Professional and Organizational Development Network in Higher Education, summaries of how to develop skills from team-building to analyzing different points of view.


Grammar Resources

Tina Blue's Grammar and Usage for the Non-Expert

An adjunct's columns on how to improve your grammar, spot comma problems, and deal with other grammar gremlins

Charles Darling's Guide to Grammar and Writing
Arguably the best grammar resource on the Web, with lots of quizzes and help with homonyms
SLCC Online Writing Center
Links to online writing clearinghouses and other resources

Hints and Helpful Guidance for the Army Writer
The Army's writing manual


Creative Writing Assignments
Ten Audience Analysis Exercises
Ideas to help students consider alternative points of view
Designing Research Paper Assignments
Meeting the challenges students face while writing research papers; from the Manoa Writing Program

In Defense of the Formula Essay
Jan Charles Haluska explains how a structure helps students integrate evidence and opinion. He provides several analogies (a 5-paragraph essay is like the Parthenon) and short sentence outlines students can use to write different types of papers. Available through EBSCO's Academic Search Elite database.

Scaffolding Formal Assignments
In-depth discussion of four types of scaffolding:
writing skills, context-based, rhetorical skills, and text-based

What Students Ask from Writing Assignments
Students often misinterpret writing assignments.

Writing to Learn prompts
Several quick writing-to-learn activities


Best Practices
How Can I Avoid Getting Lousy Student Papers?
Practical advice on how to design and grade writing assignments across the curriculum from the WAC Clearinghouse

Talk 6 minutes less and students learn more
A summary of research about lecturing and active learning

Teaching Best Practices
A collection from Carnegie Mellon covering everything from course design to ongoing assessment
Tools for Teaching
"A compendium of classroom-tested strategies and suggestions designed to improve the teaching practices of all college instructors" by Barbara Davis
Resources on College Teaching and Learning
Includes resources on active and collaborative learning.
Teaching Students to Make Meaningful Revisions Has guidelines for feedback and tips such as "reverse outlining"

Responding to Student Writing: Responses to Avoid and Productive Advice to Give
The subtitle of Mosher's well-researched article says it all.

Working with ESL Students' Writing
Advice on responding to errors and preventing plagiarism from the Manoa Writing Program


English in the Real World
Writing, a Ticket to Work
Business Roundtable survey says writing is the key to promotion
Poor Spelling, Bad Grammar Help Defendant in Web Libel Suit
Judge Breyer rules poster has such bad grammar that a reasonable person wouldn't take his attacks on Cohodes seriously.
A Word to the Unwise—Program's Grammar Check Isn't So Smart
Professor Krishnamurthy says Microsoft's grammar checker can lead users astray.

Fat Fingers: Other people's typos save you money
Bad spellers don't prosper on eBay.

Annie LaMott on extremely rough first drafts
excerpt from Bird by Bird in which Lamott describes her drafting process

Rejecting Our First Draft Culture
Chip Scanlan hates revision, but he understands its importance


TurnItIn Research Resources
Resources on what plagiarism is, how to avoid it, and materials to share with students

Statistics on Plagiarism
Just in case you thought it wasn't much of a problem. . . .

Understanding Plagiarism tutorial
Indiana University's tutorial includes links to real plagiarism cases, practice exercises, and a self-test.

The New Plagiarism
Article provides "Seven Antidotes to Prevent Highway Robbery in an Electronic Age."
Regret the Error
Site tracks media mistakes; includes a yearly "plagiarism round-up"


Classic Articles

Teaching Learners to Be Self-Directed
An updated version of Gerald Grow's frequently cited article

Responding to Student Writing: Responses to Avoid and Productive Advice to Give
The subtitle of Mosher's well-researched article says it all.


















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