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Writing: A Ticket to Work

Does a composition course seem like a nuisance—something that distracts you from what you really came to college for?

Your other courses may get you hired, but writing is what gets you promoted. That's what a Business Roundtable survey (2004) found.

  • Two-thirds of salaried employers have to write on the job.
  • Employers consider writing skills when hiring and when promoting.
  • "In most cases, writing ability could be your ticket in . . . or it could be your ticket out."
  • "You can't move up without writing skills."

The commission also found that poor writing costs taxpayers nearly a quarter of a billion dollars each year.

"Strong writing skills, and the critical thinking skills associated with the ability to write well, are important prerequisites for success in college and work," concluded Virginia Governor Mark Warner.

You can read the complete results of the Business Roundtable writing surveys at the home page of the National Commission on Writing.






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