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Article Review

Remember writing book reviews in grade school? You probably began by summarizing the book and ended with your opinion about whether your classmates would enjoy reading it.

An article review contains the same basic elements:

• an overview of the content of an article

• your opinion about the article

—new information or insights you gained from reading it, or

—your opinion about why this author's research or ideas are important, or

—a critique: what makes the article worth reading or a waste of time

College teachers often require article reviews as a way of introducing students to professional literature: books and articles written for people with training in a particular field.

To complete this assignment:

1. Choose an article written for an expert audience from

• a magazine produced by a professional association

Critical Criminology

IT Manager's Journal

Journal of the American Medical Association

Workplace Visions

• or a source recognized as a leader in its industry

Harvard Business School

Knowledge at Wharton


The librarian and your teachers can help you identify articles that would be considered professional literature. You can also choose from a list of recommended articles, search databases such as InfoTrac and EBSCO or check out Internet guides to various subject areas.

2. Review the class materials below.

3. If you have additional questions, check out the Internet resources below. The first resources are the most basic; the tutorials take you through the writing process step-by-step in greater depth.

4. Still have questions? Email your instructor and explain where you're stuck.

Class Materials

Article Review Peer-Editing Guide

Article Review Grading Criteria

Introduction to Article Reviews (PPT)

Internet Resources

Goal-setting Article from Knowledge@Wharton;
   Review of article

Coming to Grips with Reading and Writing Academic Articles
  (helps you find something to say about the article)

On Writing Book/Article Reviews: A Guide for the Perplexed
   (has a helpful outline)

Critical Reviews (step-by-step guide from UW-Madison)

Critiques (questions to ask as you read and write about your article)

Book Reviews and Article Reviews (questions for in-depth analysis)

Earworms (a review from WebMD)

How to Evaluate a Professional Journal Article (tutorial)

Writing a Literature Review in the Health Sciences and Social Work
   (may be helpful for capstone courses)

Writing a Summary (what should you include?)


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