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Your CompII presentation is like an "oral draft" of your paper. After researching a topic, you will
  • complete an overview sheet to be handed in when you present
  • present an overview of the main arguments on your topic
  • get feedback from your classmates on which arguments are most/least convincing

You may choose to do your presentation individually or with a group.

Formats you might use include

  • PowerPoint presentation
    (tutorial on preparing PPT slides)
  • panel discussion with moderator
  • "talk show" (if you base it on Jerry Springer, no bouncers, please!)
  • informal debate
  • pro-con Web site (example)
  • speech with poster or handouts (tutorial)
To get audience feedback, you might
  • ask the class where they stand on an issue before and after your presentation; discuss whether their opinions changed and why
  • have the class take a quiz (make one up or search for your topic and quiz or self-test)
  • ask your audience to rank your arguments, with 1 being the most convincing
  • conduct a question-and-answer session at the end of your presentation
  • use another creative idea

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