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Many students don't do as well as they expected to on the grammar diagnostic test. To raise your grammar score, you can

  • complete review exercises
    (the number of items correct will be averaged with your score)

  • take another grammar quiz
    (your highest score will count)

  • practice proofreading for the mistakes you tend to make

Review Exercises

If you have many errors, you can

If you have just a few things to review, you can

If you feel discouraged,

  • work on only one or two errors at a time
  • make a personal proofing checklist and concentrate on just those errors when you revise
  • remember that avoiding just 20 common errors will correct 90% of all grammar mistakes (Connors & Lunsford, 1992, p. 398).
  • remind yourself that writing is the Ticket to Work

If you just want to brush up on grammar, work out at the Grammar Gym, review the explanations at Charles Darling's site, or read Becoming Your Own Grammar Tutor.

For a more detailed review, consult NASA's handbook for writers or Sentence Sense, an online tutorial.

Note: Exercises from Grammar Bytes have handouts you can print, fill out, and hand in. To get credit for others, you'll have to print your results.

What to Review

Parts of speech

Subjects and verbs

Verb tenses

Irregular verbs



Run-ons and
comma splices


Capital letters




(e.g.,your, you're; there, their, they're)

Common error
hit lists

Ten Common But Easily Corrected Errors
Tina Blue's advice makes these mistakes "as easy to correct as they are to make."

Twelve Common Errors: An Editing Checklist
This tutorial provides a brief description of the error and an example of how to fit it.

Twenty Common Errors
These 20 errors account for 91% of all grammatical errors.

Common Errors in Student Writing
Results of studies on college writing are summarized; you'll need to consult the chart to find corrective exercises.



Sounds-like Dictionary

Homonyms (e.g., weather, whether)

Some Rules and Suggestions for Spelling (Darling)

Other Diagnostic Tests

Looking for a challenge? Take one of these:



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